KidsCare Kenya is a registered trust working in LungaLunga Sub-County, Kwale. Established in 2010, KidsCare Kenya has blossomed into a well-functioning and dedicated organization, committed to helping orphans and vulnerable children. Working in close cooperation with specialized partners and in line with government policy, KidsCare Kenya strives to create a better future for children.


Taking Children and families from a position of disadvantage to one of capability.


Uniting people with the expertise to help children discover, develop and use their talents, so to give them a better future.


Achievement, Better World, Caring, Capable, Leadership, and Together

Our Programs

HomeCare Programs

KidsCare Kenya has a unique ‘HomeCare Program’ strategy set up to support and council 369 households who live in remote parts of the country where poverty and lack of education is rampant. Through the HomeCare Program KidsCare and its social workers have been able to help over 2000 children.

Community Based HomeCare and Beekeeping (CBHB)

The CBHB program is an oasis in the desert, providing small-scale farmers with an opportunity to improve the production for food sustenance and creating an income generating source as well as play a vital role in helping the environment.

Special School Units

KidsCare Kenya along with the County and National government, are setting up six Special School Units (SSU) in six existing primary schools in LungaLunga Sub-County for children with mental and multiple disabilities. Construction of the first two schools have already began.

Our Projects

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy (OT) caters for children with physical disabilities. There are 59 children in the occupational therapy program. Therapy is offered three times a week at KidsCare’s Facility Center. The OT also conducts home based therapy twice a month.

Yes We Can

The ‘Yes We Can’ project was launched in December 2017 with the main focus being on children with mental disabilities. Currently, there are 50 children actively participating in the Yes We Can Project.

Scholarship Project

KidsCare Kenya runs a ‘Scholarship project.’ KidsCare Kenya and its generous donors help 33 young and bright minds by paying 99% of the school fees for their high school and tertiary education. 

Recent News

KidsCare Kenya has joined 54 other organizations by successfully completing a 6-month Mobilizing Support Course offered by Kenya Community Development Fund and Change the Game Academy. The goal of this course was to empower organizations with knowledge and skills to engage with authorities, civil society organizations and businesses to fulfill a need be it in the community, organization or otherwise. The Mobilizing Support initiative aims at positively influencing policies and decision-making that will have a lasting impact.

Regional Approach

KidsCare Kenya has adopted a ‘Regional Approach‘ in its strategies to be more connected with the community. All operations are organized through the main facility center in Mshiu, where the head office is located. At the facility center, KidsCare provides information, counseling, therapy sessions, and trainings. Each week the social workers meet at the start of the week to discuss the planning for the week. From there they move to their individual outreach centers which have been generously donated by the local Chiefs. KidsCare Kenya has a total of 6 outreach centers, each in a different location, where the social workers are able to conduct their work within the communities. 

Our Facility

KidsCare Kenya welcomes you to its wonderful Facility centre in Mshiu. Where you can make use of our well equipped, comfortable conference halls and meeting rooms. Experience our enjoyable meals prepared by skilful personnel. Take a stroll through our peaceful compound, sleep in our quiet, hospitable guesthouse and be served by our dedicated team who will work tirelessly to make your experience a lasting and enjoyable encounter. While making use of our facilities you are contributing to our support programs to help children in need.