Ali Salim Mwaziro


George Baya

Deputy Director

Peter Mule

Director Special School Units (SSU)

William Njogholo

Head Social Department

Amiga Faith Vosevwa

Manager Of Department CSA

Fridah Mueni Mwongela

Facility Manager

Social Department

Miss Amiga Faith Vosevwa

Head of Department CSA Social Work. I am a fun person who is passionate of her work and working with children. I believe every child including Children with Special Abilities (CSA) have the right to be loved, go to school and be accepted in the society. Children are the future. Mentoring them and creating a conducive environment for them in the society is my goal.


Miss Phelister Kitty

Program Coordinator. I strongly believe that every child has a right to a bright future and am happy to be amongst a team which does just that, giving children a better future.


Mr. Anthony Mzenge Mwakwasha

Project Assistant, Special School Units (SSU). I am dedicated towards serving the community. I believe that children including those with special abilities deserve a conducive learning environment that poses no threat to their health and safety and enhances learning outcome.


Mr. Emmanuel Mwero Mwaiwe

Social worker in charge of Mwereni Location. I am a person with high integrity, self-driven and have passion in working with children.


Mr. Idris Mwero

Social worker Vanga Location. I have a passion of working with children in the community to ensure that they achieve a meaningful life in future. I create a conducive environment with them where they are open to exchanging of ideas, challenges and giving opinion concerning themselves. It is my desire to see an upright generation.


Mr. Gwaru Ngowa

Social worker in charge of Lungalunga location. Am a humble, hardworking, team player and self-motivated young man. Am a social worker by profession and I mostly like working with children and help the needy families I also involve myself in development programs in the communities around me.


Mr. Abubakar Tsimba Gonzi

Social worker working in Dzombo location. I thrive to obtain the best in my work by practicing the organization ethics and values towards creating a better future for the children and the community at large.


Miss Faridah Mkalla

Social worker in charge of Kikoneni location. I am a hardworking lady. I like working with needy children e.g. the ones with disabilities, orphans, those affected with HIV/AIDS and the vulnerable ones. I assist the poor families so that they can change to a better life.


Miss Clara Mwamburi

Hello, I am Clara Mwamburi working with KidsCare Kenya as a social worker in charge of Pongwe Kidimu Location. I am a lady with high integrity, self-driven, an agent for positive change and have passion in working with vulnerable children. My aim is to make a difference in the lives of these children and to give them hope that there is bright future ahead.


Miss Winnie Kanze

Hello, I am Winnie Kanze, a go-getter lady who wants to make positive changes to the communities of Lunga Lunga Sub County especially for the children. I am working in Vanga and Lunga Lunga locations.


Miss Monica Mwaka

Hello, I am Monica Mwaka, a KidsCare social worker working in Pongwe and Kikoneni locations. I am ambitious and always ready to learn from others. I am looking forward to give children a better future through my work expertise.


Miss Ruth Maina

I am an agent for positive change in the lives of children with special abilities. Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.


Mr. Ismael Sabwa

Am a therapist, always optimistic, caring and loving. Helping children and always looking forward to give children a better world.


Administration Support Staff

Miss Gloria Pendo Matho

Director's PA. I love taking part in brightening the future of children in general and children with special abilities in particular. Meeting different people with the same aim is the favorite part of my work.

Telephone: 0700616296

Mr. Omari Hassan Mguta

Assistant Coordinator Operations. Being part of KidsCare's team, I am delighted to take part towards brightening the children's future by giving hand in KidsCare's daily running of activities.


Mr. Athman Mohamed

Assistant Administrator. I believe children have the right to a better future hence am delighted to be working with KidsCare team towards making the world a better place for the children.