KidsCare wants to be effective in doing homecare in Sub County LungaLunga. By that reason KidsCare had chosen for a central approach with her KidsCare service centre combined with an decentral approach – close to the households – in her KidsCare outreaches.


Welcome in our Service Centre

On October 2013 the KidsCare service centre was opened by the governor of Kwale County, Salim M. Wvurya. The service centre consisted of several buildings: offices for the staff, a big conference hall and a full operating kitchen. In 2014 the construction was completed with a guesthouse (10 rooms), a meeting- and a  training room. Since 2016 also a complete therapy room for children with special abilities became in use.


The KidsCare Centre is fulfilling the following functions:

Centre for information, advice and protection. By working closely together with public and private organizations the service centre will acquire a broad expertise in the field of child care. This also includes medical, social and legal support to children and young girls who are or were abused.

Centre for training and information. This includes a wide range of subjects, for example in the area of health, child rights, education, vocational trainings or economic developments. KidsCare will also use the training facilities for its own assistants and volunteers.

Centre for administration and coordination of the KidsCare activities. The service centre will be the administrative and operational headquarters of KidsCare and the base for the activities of the staff.

Centre for commercial activities. In due course a large part of the running costs of the centre must be paid from the proceeds of commercial activities, for instance rental of the conference hall and training rooms. An important role in these economic activities will be played by a model farm on the site of the centre. This farm can be used for training of young farmers as well.


Welcome in our outreaches

Help, care and support for children and youngsters in poor and needy circumstances should be provided as close as possible to their homes. This basic principle is especially important for the rural areas in the Sub County LungaLunga. KidsCare found a solution for that by starting outreaches in all six Locations.

All outreaches consist of small offices in which our social worker can meet caretakers and their children. The offices are made available and very close to the Location Chief. A fruitful cooperation between the social worker, the Chief and other relevant stakeholders in the location makes it possible that many children are helped in the outreaches.

Our activities in the outreaches 2016 are:

  • Facilitate the homecare programs (counseling, training, mutual support, shared experiences, refferals, special education, micro credit and more).
  • Give the children entrance to care.
  • Cooperate with the Location Chief, The VCO and other local child oriented partners.
  • Give training programs on location or community level.