KidsCare Kenya along with the county & national government, and Wild Geese have decided to setup Special School Units (SSU) in the Lunga-Lunga Sub-County. The project consists of setting up six special schools units in six primary schools situated on each of the locations of the Lunga-Lunga Sub-County, for children with mental and/or multiple disabilities. Each unit will be compromised of two classrooms which will hold a capacity of 30 children per unit. This will result in 180 children receiving an educational program, which will take their special needs in the field of health, behavior and learning speed into account.

According to the National Council of Persons With Disabilities (NCPWD) there are over 1934 cases reported of children as well as adults with Special Abilities in Lunga-Lunga Sub-County. The conditions under which these individuals, specifically the children, live are often harsh conditions, with extreme cases of parents completely shutting out the children from the outside world. This is due to lack of awareness towards proper care of children with special abilities and the shared belief that having a special ability child is a punishment from God. Many parents are ashamed of these children and choose to hide these children from society.

Currently there are children registered at KidsCare with a mental and multiple disabilities. For these children, education is hardly possible. The social workers of KidsCare have been making many referrals to the schools that handle special needs education. Those referrals often concern the boarding school far away in Kwale town. These referrals however have never been successful, the children ended up staying at home mostly because their parents cannot raise funds to take them to these schools, or the schools are too far away for these children making it impossible to attend school on a daily basis.

In short, we can define the following problem:

  • The school is too far away for the children to access
  • The units are very few to cater for the needs of all the children
  • The units are not sufficiently equipped to handle all these cases
  • Parents have difficulties raising funds

KidsCare aims at solving these problems through the SSU project. We are proud to see the two pilot units are complete and in use. Classes, day care and therapies are on going. We are looking forward to complete the remaining other 4 units as children are already attending classes.

KidsCare being the initiator of the project as well as the managing partner will see to the start and the implementation of the six special schools. The implementation period will take a period of 3 years, in which KidsCare will be responsible for the level of quality of the school, facilitating the management, training the staff and volunteers and mobilizing and training the parents. Once the implementation phase is over, KidsCare will hand the project over to the government who will be responsible for ensuring its progress.