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KidsCare Kenya is a registered trust working in LungaLunga Sub-County, Kwale. Established in 2010, KidsCare Kenya has blossomed into a well-functioning and dedicated organization, committed to helping orphans and vulnerable children. Working in close cooperation with specialized partners, a dedicated team of employees with more than 300 active KidsCare volunteers and in line with the government policy, KidsCare Kenya strives to create a better future for children.


Taking Children and families from a position of disadvantage to one of capability.


Uniting people with the expertise to help children discover, develop and use their talents, so to give them a better future.


Achievement, Better World, Caring, Capability, Leadership, and Togetherness.


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Newsletter December 2023      Happy Holidays

Resilient Prosperity!
Dear  KidsCare friends and partners,
As we embrace the festive season, we reflect on the challenges and triumphs of 2023, a year that underscored the vital role of KidsCare’s mission. Despite the obstacles, our homecare programs have witnessed the remarkable resilience of project participants who, with the support of social guidance, have improved their living conditions….

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We have a dream and no one can stop us


Ali S. Mwaziro (Founder and Former Director KidsCare)
1st August 1966 –  09th August 2023
“We have a dream and nobody can stop us”

Our Programs

Our Projects


Kitchen garden flagging off!

Every year KidsCare participates in short term intervention to mitigate difficult situation brought about by drought and harsh climate and economic situation. In collaboration with the government and willing donors KidsCare has been able to distribute farm input packages for seasonal farming over the past years. However with the current prolonged drought and unpredictable weather patterns, normal farming activities have become a challenge. For this reason,  On the 4th of April 2023, KidsCare in collaboration with the county and national government flagged off a kitchen garden intervention aiming to support 31 farmers groups to participate in Kitchen garden activities for sustainability. With provision of 565 vertical bags and varieties of vegetable seeds packages for kitchen garden activities. With intensive trainings in every demonstration site stationed within the communities, this intervention  will encourage source of income generating activities to boost their living standards as well as provision of basic needs.

Why Kitchen garden? This modern farming technic:

Requires less reliance on weather pattern as water usage is minimal which is even an added advantage to more dryer areas;

Usage of minimal land for maximum production;

Production of organic and fresh vegetables;

Environmental friendly;

Requires minimal costs;

Usage of local available resources;

Consumes less time

Buying food requires money and due to the difficult situation, many of us cannot manage. So with this intervention we are very grateful for the support from KidsCare. Once we get the trainings we look forward to mitigate this situation. With the success of this project we will be able to also provide basic needs to our kids through small income generating activities, our kids will now be able to concentrate more in school as they will no longer suffer from skipping meals.” Says one of the beneficiaries

KidsCare is globally embracing family based homecare programs through Family Power

All children deserve a family


the help of KidsCare, orphans and vulnerable children can grow up in their familiar environment 

Regional Approach

KidsCare Kenya has adopted a ‘Regional Approach‘ in its strategies to be more connected with the community. All operations are organized through the main facility center in Mshiu, where the head office is located. The facility center provides information, counseling, therapy sessions, and trainings.

Each week the social workers meet at the start of the week to discuss the planning for the week and move to their individual outreach centers which have been generously donated by the local Chiefs.

Working in a ward structure, KidsCare Kenya has a total of 4 outreach centers covered in the 4 wards of Lunga Lunga sub county where social workers are able to conduct their work within the communities. 

KidsCare Kenya welcomes you to its wonderful Facility centre in Mshiu. Where you can make use of our well equipped, comfortable conference halls and meeting rooms. Experience our enjoyable meals prepared by skilful personnel. Take a stroll through our peaceful compound, sleep in our quiet, hospitable guesthouse and be served by our dedicated team who will work tirelessly to make your experience a lasting and enjoyable encounter. While making use of our facilities you are contributing to our support programs to help children in need.


KidsCare believes that by working together we can achieve a higher result. Therefore, KidsCare Kenya wants to cooperate with all organizations who share the vision and mission of KidsCare, to give children their basic right.

“We know that every life is precious, every life is priceless, and every life has something to offer. This is our unique perspective, our initiative, and we invite all to join us create a better and lasting future for the children of tomorrow.”