Intervention projects

At KIDSCARE KENYA we are passionate about creating positive change in communities facing immediate and immense challenges. Our intervention initiatives are specifically tailored to swiftly and effectively address urgent needs prevailing in the community. By focusing on the current situation, we aim to provide immediate relief and support through a targeted approach.  

These projects are meticulously crafted following thorough needs assessment led by capable social workers working in collaboration with the local stakeholders and the community. This inclusive approach ensures that our efforts are not only targeted but also deeply impactful. 

Recognizing the urgency of certain challenges, our short-term interventions strategy ensures that the aid reaches those in need promptly. By focusing on specific issues, we maximize the project’s impact and enable communities to regain stability swiftly. 

We have done the following intervention projects together with our partners; the county and national governments benefiting over 2,000 families in Lungalunga sub-county.  

  1. We eat together project 
  2. Food distribution project
  3. Food distribution project part two
  4. Seed distribution project (see below)
  5. Seed distribution project part two 
  6. Kitchen garden project   
  7. Poultry farming project  

Soon there will be more information for each intervention.

4. Seed distribution project (part 1)



With the current hit on the Kenya’s economy, many families are facing challenges of food insecurity, Lungalunga sub-county in Kwale being one of the most affected locations. Before the worsening on the economy, already food insecurity was a major problem within this sub-county to many households living in poverty, unpredictable climate change (frequent droughts and floods) which have had a significant impact on agriculture and food production, limited access to agricultural inputs like quality seeds, fertilizers, and limited knowledge and skills on modern agricultural practices, leading to low productivity, and poor yields. Since these families are in dire need and are requesting for external help, on the 13th of October 2023 and in collaboration with the National and the County government, we successfully officiated the LungaLunga Community seed distribution intervention aiming to support over 700 vulnerable households through green gram and cowpeas seed provision for farming with modern intensive trainings during the short rains of October to December.This will ensure sustainable access to food supply.

“Once planted and harvested, these products can even be preserved for future consumption and replanting.” – Deputy director.

“With this farming we have received intensive trainings in all phases where it is possible to get more harvest on a small piece of land.” – project participant

“We look forward to conduct more trainings and monitoring exercise within the communities for the quality of this project.” – Agricultural officer

The Deputy County Commissioner urged other potential donors and well wishers to join this initiative towards reaching out to more needy families during this difficult times.



KidsCare believes that by working together we can achieve a higher result. Therefore, KidsCare Kenya wants to cooperate with all organizations who share the vision and mission of KidsCare, to give children their basic right.

“We know that every life is precious, every life is priceless, and every life has something to offer. This is our unique perspective, our initiative, and we invite all to join us create a better and lasting future, for the children of tomorrow.” – KidsCare Kenya