Meet our team


Salim S Bakari: Chairman Board                                     

Mariam Gao: Board Member                                         

Tsuma Baruwa: Board Member                                        



Johnson Shume: Board Member

Anisa Menza: Board Member

George Baya: Board Member george@kidscare.or.k

Gerard Geenen: Advisor Board    

Lisette Geenen: Advisor Board


George Baya: Director            

Gloria Matho: Office Manager

William Njogholo: Head of Department CB-HCPB

Winnie Juma: Head of Department CSA

Fridah Mwongela: Facility Manager

Rose Ambuso: Quality & CCPC Manager

Administrative support staff

Hilda Ruwa: PA and Marketing Coordinator

Edah Mbithi: Office Secretary 

Alice Keah: Front Desk Main Office                       

Megy Tunje: Front Desk Secretary ECM

Athman Mohamed: Administrator

HomeCare Department

Community Based Child Protection and Bee Keeping (CB-HCPB)

Children with Special Abilities (CSA)

William Njogholo: Head of Department CB-HCPB 

Emmanuel Mwaiwe: Assistant Head of Department CBH                  

Winnie Juma: Head of Department CSA                                  

Rose Ambuso: Quality & CCPC Manager

Olive Andika: SSU Coordinator                        

Salama Majaliwa, CPC Coordinator

Khadija Benzao: Lead Social Worker (Pongwe/Kikoneni Ward)  

Mapenzi Katana: Social Worker (Pongwe/Kikoneni Ward)    

Daniel Mbui, Social Worker (Pongwe/Kikoneni Ward)

Getrude Dzombo, Intern Social Worker (Pongwe/Kikoneni Ward)

Naomi Chivile: Lead Social Worker (Dzombo Ward)      

Kirui Kepkomoi: Social Worker (Dzombo Ward)

Felister Simba: Social Worker (Dzombo Ward)

Esther Shume: Social Worker (Dzombo Ward)                

Jonathan Moka: Lead Social Worker (Mwereni Ward)                                

Esther Sidi: Social Worker (Mwereni Ward)    

Bora Mwingo, Social Worker (Mwereni Ward)

Gwaru Ngowa: Senior Social Worker (Vanga Ward)                              

Millicent Mgalla, Social Worker (Vanga Ward)

Lucy Umazi: Social Worker (Vanga Ward)                    

Omar Mwingo: Social Worker (Vanga Ward)    

Baraka Joseph Mwinga: Occupational Therapist

Jackline Ndila: Occupational Therapist    

Wicklyff Choge: Occupational Therapist      

Catherine Mwari: Intern Occupational Therapist      

Facility Department

Fridah Mwongela: Facility Manager                      

Patrick Karisa: Assistant Facility Manager

Omari Mguta: Technician    

Racheal Kashaha: Cleaner/Trainee Cook

Margaret Wanyonyi: Cleaner

Umazi Mwangolo: Cleaner

Jescah Rehema: ECM Matron

Ali Bakari: Caretaker/guard

Amani Ngowa: Caretaker/guard

Said Juma M’wesi: Caretaker/guard

Khalid Kizere: Caretaker/guard

Majaliwa Abdhalla: Caretaker/guard


KidsCare believes that by working together we can achieve a higher result. Therefore, KidsCare Kenya wants to cooperate with all organizations who share the vision and mission of KidsCare, to give children their basic right.

“We know that every life is precious, every life is priceless, and every life has something to offer. This is our unique perspective, our initiative, and we invite all to join us create a better and lasting future, for the children of tomorrow.” – KidsCare Kenya